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The Most Convenient Shower Speaker You'll Ever Use 

Hyquadio was designed from the ground up to be a totally passive device, meaning once installed, you will never have to even think about it. It just always works. 

How Hyquadio Works

Hyquadio uses a micro hydroelectric generator to power the speaker while you are showering. Once the water starts flowing, Hyquadio will automatically turn on and connect to your phone. 

Easy to Install 

Hyquadio installs in seconds. Simply remove your current shower head and twist it onto Hyquadio. Then twist Hyquadio onto the shower pipe and you're done! Hyquadio works with all shower heads.

Quality Assurance 

Each speaker made goes through an extensive quality control procedure to ensure proper functionality of the hydroelectric generator and Bluetooth module.

Where to Buy Hyquadio 

Amazon is currently our exclusive distributor. Click the following link to go to the Amazon listing:

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this product or need help installing/using it please contact us at:

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